Press Release

      Bill Morgenstein forms Marquesa Funding Corporation.

      Bill Morgenstein has recently formed Marquesa Funding Corporation along with some long term bankers and professional financial people.

      Morgenstein has had an extensive career in training, top management, sales management, finance and was a well known leader in the footwear industry who headed the prestigious industry association.

      The goals of Marquesa are to bring a fresh approach to help good businesses get funding to help their businesses grow. Morgenstein feels that with his partners extensive contacts in the financial and banking world, coupled with a completely ethical approach that they can not only package a loan request properly but save time and effort in order to obtain a good result.

      “There are lots of good businesses and franchise start-ups out there that can be helped. Money is out there however the lenders are extra cautious and are picking the safest and the best. 

      If your credit is not excellent you must build it back up or you will not have access to conventional sources. You must have Skin in the Game! You must have experience in your venture and demonstrate staying power and you must have the resources to show a lender that they have proper protection. If you have these ingredients you have a chance. In today’s world if you don’t you will have to live within your own resources.”